Foundation Stage Assessment

The Foundation Stage Profile which will be completed on individual children by the end of the Reception Class is based on the six areas of the Curriculum Guidance to develop children’s physical, intellectual, linguistic, spiritual, emotional and social development. All the areas will provide a picture of the whole child. We begin the academic year with a Baseline Assessment to indicate the starting point for each individual child.

The profile is an ongoing assessment of development. Beginning with observations which focus on achievements. This is used to set individual targets for each child to move forward. The profiles are updated each half term and are finalised in the summer, summarising each child’s progress.

Assessment And Monitoring Of Pupils Progress

At Wellington School we view assessment as an integral part of the learning process. We use it to;

 -support the children’s learning

- support the teacher in evaluation of the curriculum

- provide information for succeeding classes and school transfer, parents, governors and education officers

Throughout your child’s time in school his/her progress will be monitored by his/her class teacher as an on-going process.

A variety of methods including discussion, commercial schemes and school developed tasks are used to build up a picture of each child’s achievements in each year group.

More formal assessment is used to prepare the children for Key Stage 1 (yr2) and Key Stage 2 (yr6) SAT tests.

As your child progresses through Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 more assessments will be made to help the teacher support your child’s learning.

Throughout your child’s years at our school, you, as parents, are invited into school to meet the class teacher at Consultation Evenings. At present, these are held in November and March, but we welcome you into school at other times if you feel you need to discuss your child’s progress, as long as a prior appointment has been made.