Parents, Teachers and Friends Association.

We have now adopted a new name which stands for Parent Teacher Friends Association. It was decided to adopt this name so that we could include more support from the local community which will help us to raise more vital money for our lovely village school.

The P.T.F.A plays a vital role within our school as it helps by reducing the cost of school trips, buying extra resources that will help our children with their education.

Chairman - Marie Ferreira and Kirstie Barrett          

Secretary - Emily Addis and Jane Thomas


Treasurer - Alison Ovenden


Upcoming events:

Valenitines Disco 
Class Bake Sales 
Rags to Riches collection

Have you any ideas for future PTFA events? Please email these ideas to or write them on the sheet on the playground noticeboard.

What are the PTFA raising money for? 

This year we are raising money for new school iPads. The PTFA are donating £10 a child which includes Nursery children for enrichment activities. The PTFA are also donating the money raised at the village fun week bingo (£950.00) to purchase 3 new school iPads.