Rabbits Class


Reception and Year 1

Miss Stanford

                                                          Mrs Ferreria

Year 1 Spellings and homework: 

  • Please remember to read with your child each day. The children will change their three reading books on a Tuesday and a Friday. 
  • Please practise counting in 1s forwards and backwards to 100. Can you start on different numbers? 
  • Year One can you practise counting in 2s and 10s? Can you count forwards and backwards in multiples of 2 and 10? Can you start on different numbers? 

Weekly spellings, rhymes and targets are sent home on a Friday.

Chinese New Year

Spring Term 2023

Rabbits enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year. Rabbits class learnt a dragon dance, made some wonderful crafts and explored all things related to the year of the Rabbit.

Number Day is something that the children and staff always look forward to each year. It gives the children the opportunity to apply their maths skills to everyday scenarios, whilst raising money for such a fantastic cause. Rabbits class enjoyed playing dominos, using numicon to make patterns and play games with their friends. We raised a total of £40 for NSPCC.

Christingle Service 

Rabbits class enjoyed dressing up and performing their rendition of 'The Very First Christmas'. They performed in St Margaret's Church to all our friends and family. 


Rabbits class enjoyed playing hairdressers as part of their role play. Mrs Keeble was a very happy customer after having her hair cut, straightened and styled by the children. 


Year 2021/2022

We had a super busy year in Rabbits class! 

During Autumn term Rabbits were busy learning all about the Victorians. Our challenge curriculum question was ‘Would I have liked to have been a Victorian chid?’ On our Victorian day, we made Victoria sponges, a toy museum visited with a wide range of toys from different years gone by. We’ve found that there are still some of the toys Victorians played with that we still play with today, but made from different materials.

In Art we looked at the work of Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky and looking at the primary colours and mixing them to make secondary colours. We’ve created our own masterpieces in the style of these Artists.

In spring term, our science lessons focused on plants. They were identifying and describing the structure of a plant. We cut open bulbs and seeds to have a look inside. We planted sunflower seeds and conducted an experiment to see what a seed needs to grow. We found out that the seed in the dark grew, but the plant grew white, the seed that had no water started to grow a little, as it had moisture from the atmosphere. The seed that had soil, warmth, light and water grew to 18 cm!

In English, we read the text ‘The Queen’s Hat’. The children created their own versions of the story, when the Queen visited Wellington Primary School and the wind picked up and blew her hat off. The children’s versions vary from the hat flying off to the school playing field, into the farm, landing on a trailer or tractor and travelling along the A49 before either landing on top of the Gruffalo at Queenswood or on top of Hereford Cathedral. The Queen was delighted to have her hat back on her head.


‘Would I like to be a king/queen?’ was our curriculum question in Summer term. The children learnt about the monarchs Richard III, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II. The class were surprised to find out what kings and queens ate at medieval banquets- deer, pigeons. King Richard II bones were found in a Leicestershire car park after he died in the battle of Bosworth. Did you know that Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms including 78 bathrooms? Some of the children decided they would like to be a king/queen as they would like to have lots of gold and jewellery whilst others thought it would be hard work to look after the country and to have to tell people what to do.

To finish off a brilliant year, Rabbits competed in sports day and we enjoyed a trip to Queenswood to follow the Gruffalo trail. What a fun year we had!  

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